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Experienced coaching, counseling, implementation assistance, customization, problem solving...


Free OnlineTraining & Support

Training Support service consists of live and written services provided to the system users and integrators by high experienced Bus Logic support team. To get prepered for system implementation, each new user has access to and use of educational material:

Video tutorials

Every step described by YouTube video tutorials

1) Cloud Management Platform video tutorials  CMP Tutorials
2) Android Ticket Sale App video tutorials           App Tutorials 

Technical documentation online

1) Bus Logic System presentation:                        Presentation
2) ABTSS System documentation:                         PDF Documents    

What is Training & Support service

What you get for the money you paid

The most precious value in our business is clients satisfaction. In order to gain it, we have to work hard and invest a lot of time and effort to make each segment of the system precise and easy to use, and to constantly offer our clients advanced solutions that accompany the rapid development of the IT industry.
During decades of hard work, research and development, our diligent team has built a system that includes almost all the functions and procedures that applique to bus operators business and has gained extensive experience in designing and implementing such solutions.
Having in mind our system complexity and constantly growing, we are giving our best to provide the clients with all necessary written instructions, video tutorials, and other documentation prepared for faster and easier system understanding and handling. All this learning tools are available online for free.

Our time as well as our clients time is precious. We invest a lot in all processes automation to spare the clients operative time but also to save our team space for further system development and its features improvement.  Therefore, we have to charge the time spent in direct support to an individual client.

But... what the client gets by paying for our Training and support? 

Regardless of whether you are new to bus transport or your company has many years of experience, any change in the way you work and the application of new systems requires a certain introduction and adaption period. Your passengers will need some time to get used to a new ticketing system but your employees will need to change some working habits, too.
This huge system works all by itself but relies on the input data provided by your system administrators and handled by your crew. Any missing or invalid input data may cause a lot of problems and possible money lose and all that can be prevented by organizing training for your team and a good initial preparation for the application of the system.

You can spare your time and avoid many problems and failures by providing your team with professional training to work with the system and getting helpful advice from experts who offer you their long-term experience in this area.


Training & Support payed per hour / $25

Live meetings & presentations

We organize a live presentation for bus operators employees. The presentation shows the system logic, clarify the way of its functioning and describes all its features.

Live demonstrations

We organize a live presentation for bus operator's employees. Each step of managing the system is practicly showen and decsribed. We ansver your questions and explain the doubts.

VoIP and email support

We answer your questions and provide you with all the requested instructions on system implementation. Besides email, Skype support groups, Viber, WhatsApp end other services, we offer a TeamViewer and Remote Assistance services for direct support on your hardware.


24/7 Advanced Training & Support

Full support all the time

If you really want to fill secure and to be sure that nothing will go wrong in your bus operators business, we offer 24/7 support in all the way you chose. Our team will be there for you whenever you need and whatever support you need. Every problem will be solved in the shortest possible time.

Your employees training included

With advanced support you don't have to worry about your employees training because it is also included in this service. If you incrase your business or engage new employees for system managing for any other reason, they will all be well prepared by our team for entire of 24/7 Advanced Training & Support license period.


Development & Support per hour / $50

System custimom upgrade and integration

Our system contains many features and covers entire bus operators working process but you may have some new idea, want to make some changes on users interface, add a new feature or integrate the system with some other software or hardware solution that you use. We are ready to turn your plans into reality.

Experienced developers work on your project

Very experienced and professional team with skills in various IT area is capable to fulfill even the most complicated tasks of your project as well as to advice and help you in searching for the best solution for your business.


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