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Android Bus Ticket Sale Software

Software System for Bus Operators - Autonomous Android Bus Ticket Sale:
- Cloud Database & Cloud Management Platform & Android App -

If you are looking for a new fully automated bus ticket sale system - you came to the right place!
Here is the perfect bus ticketing solution for ticket sale any time at any place without much equipment and effort. Whatever you need, whenever you need: bus ticket sale, bus pass validation, luggage tickets and much more.
BusLogic Ticketing System - Automated Fare Collection System created to suit the needs of various bus companies and ticket sale agencies.

Electronic ticket sale on the bus

Basic feature:
Creates and prints bus tickets with instant online insight at the moment of selling on the bus by the driver or conductor.

Quick and easy bus ticket issuing

Basic feature:
Ticket issuing in the field by bus driver or conductor is never been easier and faster - ticket is printed in less than 3 seconds.

 Ticket printing and messaging

Basic feature:
Tickets created on the bus can be printed immediately on a Bluetooth printer or printer embedded to a selling device.

 Booking and cards validation

Supported upgrade:
Real-time booking function for making the reservations and seat-tickets validation without risk of double bookings.

Luggage ticket issuing on bus

Supported upgrade:
Many types of luggage tickets - labels can be created easy and fast and printed on the bus.

Round-trip tickets creation and printing

Basic feature:
Round-trip tickets issuing with or without specified return date (bought rides tickets printed in a row)

City & InterCity lines preview mode

Basic feature:
Large buttons - an easy-to-read mode for tickets issuing with fewer options displayed and Small Buttons mode with more options displayed.

Multiple report creation and printing

Basic feature:
Mobile App option for multiple reports creation and print.

Cloud Management System & Android App

What is all about?

ABTSS (Android Bus Ticket Sale System) consists of two software parts: Cloud management system with a cloud database and Android App. This integrated software system allows fast and easy bus ticket sale by bus drivers and conductors on the bus. Ticket sale is instant without any risk of using an outdated price list or uncomplete booking list in the selling process. The two applications data is constantly synchronized and the system manager adjusts the data synchronization interval. This way each price list can be created in advance and programmed to be downloaded to specified selling devices at the previously defined date.

Ticket printing is never been easier and each selling device can be connected to an external thermal printer (Bluetooth connection), or it can use the embedded printer, or even send a ticket as an SMS (this option is mostly used for testing).
The ticket header and its content can be customized.

Cloud Management Platform consists of system managing tools to manage the users (conductors, drivers and other stuff with limited or full system access), add or disable the selling devices, manage price lists and any other event and data created in bus ticket sales process.

For basic ABTS system features and how-to-use tutorial, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Bus Logic product line

AFCS - Automated Fare Collection System

Bus Logic Ltd offers a wide range of autonomous bus ticketing and contactless cards solutions. These solutions are based on electronic tickets sales devices and user-friendly software for a fast and easy bus tickets sale. BusLogic ticket sales devices are designed to suit the needs of passengers transport companies. BusLogic ticketing system covers every case of electronic ticket sales and contactless cards validation that bus operator may need such as tickets sale on the bus, tickets sale outside the bus, bus tickets sales counter, vending machines for bus tickets sale and so on.

Buslogic Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) follows the requirements of passenger transport companies and bus carriers for integrated systems of Electronic Fare Collection and GPS satellite vehicles tracking, basic telemetry data monitoring (speed, temperature, engine RPM, fuel level, etc). These telemetric data provides easy monitoring of an entire vehicle fleet and gives transport company full control of its vehicles raising the safety and comfort to the passengers and transported goods.

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