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Android Bus Ticket Sale Software


Bus Logic Ticketing System is complex system for bus operators that integrates plenty of moduls for an eficiente and secure tickets sale in order to provide the best service to their passengers and transport users.

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The core of Android Bus Ticket Sale Software System lays on the Cloud.
Entire bus ticket sale system consists of three soft parts:


MySql Database

All data stored on Bus Logic's heigh secured dedicated web servers


Android Ticketing App

Easy to install on any Android device with Android OS 5 or higher


Management Platform 

Accessable via browser by any device with internet connection

ABTSS Cloud Database


High security and data backup

Android Bus Ticket Sale System stores all collected data to cloud MySql database on high secured BusLogic servers. All system data sources - cloud management platform and system hardware applications are connected to the same database regardless of their actual physical distance.

Real-time data recording

Every data collected by the system parts (modules and apps) are recorded into the cloud database the very same moment of their creation or after the predefined time period of offline mode.

ABTSS Android App


Bus Ticket Sale App for Android devices

Android Bus Ticket Sale application is a slave part of the system. Its been controled by system administrator of Cloud Management Platform. One Android device can be used by more than one user - bus ticket seller who can login the App by using PIN code or ID card.  Event reports created by single driver - ticket seller can be shown or printed separately.


Hardware requirements

Android Bus Ticket Sale App can be used by any selected hardware with Android 5 or higher OS version.

Data synchronization

ABTSS App uses all predefined and recorded data from cloud darabase. While Wi-Fi or GSM connection on Android device is enabled, Adroid App is uploading every record immediately and if the connection is enabled, the App will alow ticket sale  in offline mode for a time period predefined by system administrator on Cloud Management platform.   

ABTSS Cloud Management Platform


Bus ticketing system management

Entire bus ticketing system managment runs the Cloud Management Platform accessable by web browser. After signing the agreement, new client receives an e-mail with system web address (subdomain with company name on and initial admin username and password.
After logging in the CMP, the client can define more system users with various roles  - system access rights. 

Predefined user group access

After logging in the Cloud Management Platform, the client may define more system users with various roles - system access rights.

Central points for all bus operator units

System predicts the bus operators need to devide it's ticketing business in more operative unitis whit possibility to record the events and control the business units separately. 

System Features




Basic Bus Ticket Cash Sale by Android device

Bus Logic

Cloud Bus Ticket Cash Sale Module

This module includes the basic set of functions for bus ticket issuing on the bus. All data for bus ticket issuing can be managed at Cloud Management platform and collected by Android application installed on the selling device. Departures, lines, and price lists control by the system manager and real-time data synchronization prevents mistakes and fraud sales by drivers and other stuff in charged for bus ticket sale.
Basic features: 
- Material Design - BusLogic ABTSS software design is based on a new visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science;
- Ticket printing template customization - Ticket format and content selection among many data can be manually adjusted. A ticket may contain company logo and information, bus line name, device ID and drivers information, price, tax information, discounts, date and time, etc.
- The cloud management system allows Bus operator's admin to adjust the system of login the Android App for each user. The login option may be a PIN code or digital - MiFare&NFC ID driver Card (hi security option);

Bus Logic

Android Bus Ticket Cash Sale App

- Data accessable to download - All necessary setup data and information are available all the time on user's account a BusLogic central cloud server. Entire management system ONLINE and synchronized with a user's ANDROID device;
- Bus tickets printing - Passengers tickets can be printed at any place by a portable mobile thermal printer. The system supports Datecs and Zebra printers;
- Bus driver or conductor login 
- Bus line and departure time setup - A line number and departure time can be adjusted by the bus driver or conductor for each drive manually and also printed on to the tickets on selected line.

Bus Ticket Cash Sale Add-ons

Bus Logic

ID Card Login Add-on 

This add-on is intended to provide highly secure usage of bus ticket selling devices by the salesman at the bus stations or on the bus. Each person in charge of sale the ticket gets a personal ID card to log on the Android App for ticket sale. That way the system owner has full control on selling device usage and drivers or conductors presents on the bus.
 Read more about BusLogic ID Card Login on the next page...

Bus Logic

Luggage Ticket Add-on

Luggage tickets or labels can be created at the moment of ticket issuing on the bus. This add-on enables the additional field in bus ticket sales application for each opened departure.
Read more about BusLogic Luggage Ticket on the next page...

Bus Logic

GPS Add-on

By enabling the GPS Add-on on the android device for ticket sale on the bus, ABTSS Android App can be set to use GPS of that device or to collect the data from the external GPS devices. In each case, this add-on uses the device's position data and enables the function of the automatic selection of the current/next station and sets and adjusts the starting station for further ticket sale. The position data is also recorded on the cloud database so the data can be further used for Dispatching, Fleet Management, Passengers Info end other system modules.

Bus Logic

Additional Central Point

Central point is defined system paramether with the purpose of grouping all the data of a each business unit and regulating the level of access for members and devices assigned to the central point. This option applies to bus operators who need to subdivide their business into several independent entities that will have an overview and control of their own business only in addition to the collective overview that the system allows at the level of the entire company. 

Additional reports and analysis

Bus Logic

Android Bus Ticket Sale Extended Reports Module

Extended Reports Module fulfill the needs of bus operators with complex business who has a need to follow and deeply analize the busines events, expences, resorces and revenues.
More than one decade of bus hardware and software development and precious expirience gained by providing our services to many bus operators and passengers traffic companies resulted the wide range of specific report forms embedded into Cloud Management platform as well as neccessary reports creation on the bus by ticket sale stuff on Android device.

Bus Logic


ABTSS System can be also integrated with other advanced Bus Logic solutions such as:
- BUS STATION FRONT SALE - Bus station front sale tools 
- FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM- Dispatching, fleet management and vehicle control
- BUS PASS SYSTEM- Proximity Cards issuing and validation
- E-WALLET SYSTEM- Prepaid Electronic Wallet for passengers
- PASSENGERS INFO SYSTEM - Bus operators and other selected information displaying
- BOOKING SYSTEM - Tickets booking and sale on the bas and other selling points
- ONLINE SALE - Tickets web sale for bus operators and agencies
- TICKET CONTROL APP - Android aplication for bus tickets internal and external control.

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